story of the soul

As if fate had whispered in my ear…come!

The truth is that I cannot precisely define the moment when I decided to pursue this philosophy of life, in other words, this path chose me. At the age of 15, I was watching a television program about yoga and Buddhism, I was overcome by an inexplicable feeling – a call to become a yoga teacher. This revelation came despite my limited knowledge of the yoga system, philosophy, movements, or meditation practices. However, I was convinced that this was my dharma. Although with a detour of a few years, which can even be called a test when I’m looking back on this, the call returned and reawakened the forgotten dream.


The bumpy, varied, adventurous and challenging path is known to everyone who lives spiritually. No one has been able to reach their goals or progress by lying on a comfortable sofa…yes, for healing, we must dig into the deepest recesses of our souls to be able to face each and every layer of our Self, to accept the way why we came to this Earth. Each realization is an acceptance, a step and understanding. As above, so below, and as below, so above. As inside, so outside, and as outside, so inside. As in big, so in small. The entire existence is reflected in both the smaller and the larger scale.

As the Buddhist approach to life teaches, everything in its time and everything in its order. It’s a cause-and-effect relationship, which, of course, is difficult to notice, become aware of and remain in at the given moment…otherwise the messages or signals received from higher levels will not be decoded. “The lips of wisdom remain closed until they find understanding ears” – The Kybalion.

To this day, in every class, in every session, when we connect with each other, with ourselves and with the higher forces, with the reverberation of each Om mantra, the commitment to Buddhism, yoga, and the power of nature is strengthened.

The answer to why has already been described above. So, I started on the road with the first yoga teacher training, which was a Sivananda basic training in Budapest. I accomplished the first unsuccessful headstand (Sirsasana)…hahaha. Then I looked for a 200-hour teacher training, and I had no idea what it entailed. I still remember my despair when everyone in the group knew the Sanskrit terms and yoga poses (asana) except me…I just sat stiffly. Despite my past as an athlete, I could not put myself in any comfortable yoga sitting position, let alone the lotus position (Padmasana)…ooooh. However, every minute since then has been a continuous experience and understanding. The simpler the yoga class, the deeper it is. I pass on my experiences and guide those who come to me differently now. I try my best to pass on the necessary knowledge, which I acquired not only through official training.

I gained the priceless and deepest knowledge by traveling the world and getting to know different cultures. Be it India, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bali, New Zealand, South America, they all gave an insight into their own culture through a small window. 

As is often said in classes, without students the master cannot pass on knowledge, and without a master there is no student.


I would like to express my gratitude to my previous teachers and assistants, to my students, who are my equally profound teachers, by reflecting on my classes:

To Panka Cserjés, who introduced me to the mysteries of ayurveda, macro- and micro-diet.


To Christine Stiessel from Yogawege, with whom I took the first steps up to the 500-hour teacher training course which has been expanded with training in Yin Yoga, Reiki I-II degrees, the teachings of Bir Akal Kaur – Yogin Kundalini still guide me up to this day.


To Krishnataki at Sunshine House at my Greek stop, where I fell in love with Nuad Thai body treatments and TCM teachings.


The support of my partner Karl and my friends and colleagues, with whom we support each other all over the world.

I continue to participate in continuous trainings in all parts of the world – India, Nepal, Bhutan, Greece, Sri Lanka, Laos – to deepen my spiritual understanding, to bring to the surface the ancient knowledge that has always resided deep within. Personal indescribable encounters with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the teachings of Buddhism accompany me throughout my journey.


As one of my wise teachers said, if you leave with a more peaceful heart and in a better physical and mental state than when you arrived for the treatment, then it was already worth choosing this path. In individual and group sessions and retreats, the goal is to create an environment and community that allows each participant to rediscover the hidden part of their heart and find the missing piece of the puzzle.


To discover this, I ask you to slow down, close your eyes, take a moment to deepen your breath and immerse yourself in your soul…

“Im the Light,
Im the Breath,
Im the Love,
Im the One,
I know I am.”